Frequently asked questions

My prints have arrived but the CD has not?

Prints are produced by Photobox who post them once they have been made. Mounted prints and CD’s are produced out of our offices and are sent independently of any prints you may have ordered at the same time.

How long do mounted prints and CD's take to arrive once ordered?

At busy times of the year this can be up to 10 working days but generally they are posted out 1st class within 5 working days.

What is the difference between a digital download and a digital image on a CD?

Digital download files have been resized to 1800 × 1200 pixels in size. Digital images that come on a CD are the original image that was taken on the day and depending on the camera used could be anything up to 3000 × 2000 pixels in size.

My digital download file is 150kb, how do you achieve this?

Using a tried and trusted process we reduce the file to as small a size as possible without a compromise in quality, this allows for a fast download. These download files are the ones that Photobox use to produce prints up to 12” × 8” in size.

Is it possible to buy images from 2012 events?

Yes it is, these events have now been downsized on our server so digital downloads are not instantly available, you can still order your images in a digital format, we will upload them to who will send you a link so you can download them. As we have to set this up it can take a few hours before your files are ready to download.

There are photos of me in the unidentified section also, can these be added to my disc of images from the event?

Yes they can, there are two boxes to add info to when you order a CD of your images from an event, in the first put your event number and in the second add the file names of all other files that appear in the unidentified section. These will be added to your disc. These files need to be of the same person whose event number has been typed into the first box, if they are not then they will not be added.

Can I put the images on my Facebook page?

Yes you can use any of the digital media for personal or club websites. The copyright for all images purchased remains with SportivePhoto and therefore no images may be supplied for publication without contacting us first.